It's ok to take a break and most of us don't give ourselves the permission to do so but it could be one of the most important time investments you can make for your metal health and physical wellness.

Taking a break gives us the space to assess where we are, right now, in this moment.  Engaging in some mindful activities such as: a slow movement yoga, sitting with closed eyes monitoring our breath or simply taking in the view from outside our window concentrating on the view not our "To Do" lists. Essential you are just turning off your day for a few minutes to refuel your mental and physical fuel tanks.

Your break does a multitude of wonderful things for your body.  Physiologically it initiates a restorative action; the breath slows, the heart rate decreases and the restive parasympathetic response of our bodies increases.  With increased parasympathetic response, it allows your body to combat the ravages that heightened sympathetic responses cause on the body. These are the agents that contribute to break down our immunity to; auto-immune disease, sleep-loss, weight-gain and also accelerate the aging of our bodies.  There are many other benefits too but this just shows how important this can be for your long-term health and wellness.

Your break does not have to take up a large chunk of your day, even short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes can do wonders to your ability to focus, concentrate and remove the creative blocks you may be experiencing.  

If this is a new practice for you, give yourself permission to struggle the first few weeks.  Remember, you have become very practice in putting your needs aside and it will take some time to make this a priority in your day.  Try putting it into the perspective of how you would feel if you missed brushing your teeth.  With some dedicated time your success rate at remaining present in the moment will become easier and once you start noticing the positive changes, you will wonder what took you so long in engaging in your daily yoga/meditation practice.

Still not sure you can do it?  Pick a regular time of your day that you can carve our a few minutes.  Your most successful time will be at the beginning of your day where there are less distractions.  Set your timer for 5 to 10 minutes. The timer will address your internal critic who may try to distract you from your dedicated time to your new wellness path. After your 5 to 10 minutes, it is important that you thank yourself for taking a break, this action helps our overzealous brains know we are serious with our new wellness intention.  Set a time-frame of no less than two weeks, if you miss a day, just start again, the more consistent you are, the better your success rate. 

See if you start to notice how your feel after your mini-meditation or yoga practice.  See if you can observe how those few minutes shifted your day.  Do you feel less tense?  Are you more capable to respond to unexpected events?  Are you able to brush off or overcome negative feelings?  Do you feel more energized and less burnt out?  This is still a practice, we cannot expect any benefits if we are not willing to invest some of our busy day.  With all the the health and wellness benefits, this is an investment opportunity that you will not want to miss.

I would love to hear how this goes for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I can be found at and I would love to connect with you.

Ellen Wolfe, BA, RMT, RYT-300 is a retired clinical massage therapist who now dedicates her time to designing and creating yoga products and offerings to support you in supporting your pose.  Please join her @myyogaroomelements for more great information to promote your good health and mental wellness.  Can't wait see you there!