Karma, fate, destiny, do you sometimes wonder if the steps you take in your path of are your own making or part of a bigger plan? I always think it is a little of both, life presents you with an opportunity and you can either stand or move.  

My Yoga Room Elements was that such opportunity.  I created my first yoga bolster because I wanted something that resonated with me, I wanted colour, pattern and texture that spoke to my yoga journey.  I guess when you are a very visual person, the sight of something triggers a response.

Even if I can't quite explain it, at that time, the deep rich red, the texture of the natural linen, and the connection to the elements of the exotic flora print did that for me.  The interesting twist in the story is, when I started showing up at yoga classes, I was not the only one who felt that way.  

So this is where you, as a yogi, engage in a moment of gratitude.  "Thanks Mom!".  Who would have ever thought that, at the age of 8, my mother plunking me infront of a sewing machine and a box of fabric scraps with the very open ended direction of ... here you go.  And I did.  And I never looked back.  

Sewing challenges me, disappointed me, allows me to make practical thing and allows me to created beautiful things. But, most importantly, it became my respite from stressful moments in my life and, at 8 years old who would have thought that I was already practicing a principle of mindful meditation.  Full focus, grounding elements, slowing of breath, connecting mind and body.  

Stepping into my studio space is like stepping onto my yoga mat for asana or finding my alignment on my meditation seat.  I find calm and clarity as I mindfully create the supportive products for My Yoga Room Elements. 

Fast forward to the present moment, I could not be happier to create beautiful yoga elements that offer joy to others within their own yoga journeys.  There is really nothing like seeing a yoga practitioner hugging their new yoga bolster with a big smile upon their face ... the word "resonate" always sticks with me when I see this unfold before me.  The bolster creation struck a chord with the yoga practitioner ... it is like a crazy new bond.

And so with such wonderful heart-warming experiences, how do you not move forward.  My Yoga Room Elements was born.  It is my honour to create beautiful yoga products to support yoga practitioners in their yoga path.  I have been blessed to support all types of yoga practices from asana to yin.  I warms my heart to learn how my yoga bolsters support daily life from pregnancy to post injury rehabilitation. It makes me smile how family member return to me with ... "my daughter, son, husband, dog" stold my prop and I am in need of a new one."  How fabulous to know My Yoga Room Element is part of your life and lifestyle.

When I step into my art studio, it becomes a time of all encompassing mindful meditation. Your energy fuels my energy, creating a beautiful circle of karma. I can truely state your products from my creative space are mindfully handcrafted. 

It is my honour to create supportive yoga elements that I hope resonate with you.  I hope they strike a chord, become more than just a yoga prop but an active and well used part of your life whether it it is in the practice or yoga or supporting you in moments of joy or challenge.

I would love to hear from you.  Please reach out on social media @myyogaroomelements or click on over to the shop and take a look around.  It would be my honour to support you in supporting your pose and welcome you to my amazing community - My Yoga Room Elements.

Warmest of Regards,

Ellen Wolfe BA RMT RYT

Founder & Designer