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My Yoga Room Elements is dedicated to researching and designing unique items supporting a healthy, happy yogic journey!

My Yoga Room Elements married two loves yoga & artistic creation ...
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Design and creation have always been my personal path to balance and harmony. Career, family and life priorities created lapses in the time where I could fully nourish this path. As my family grew and I retired from clinical massage therapy, I took time to focused on my yoga practice where I eventually became a Yoga Teacher.

I love teaching yoga but, the clinical massage therapist and artist in me, kept whispering ... "Create elements to nourish mind, body and soul." My Yoga Room Elements was born. A means where elements of design, colour and texture have been blended to resonate and nourish those who are on a path to balanced, healthy and happy living.

I am truly thankful that my family, friends, tribe and yogic community have encouraged me to offer my creations to the larger world. I hope you love your items and know that my passion and energy is poured into my limited edition, handcrafted creations with the hope that they support you in your journey to personal balance and harmony
Warmest Regards & Namaste <3

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